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Communiqué: An "idea" brought by communicating in a unique manner.

Communiqué is a never-before platform to discuss, to explore and to envisage current and burning issues facing the global ICT industry. It focuses on latest trends bringing together the thought leaders and visionaries from across industry verticals for sharing and enhancing knowledge to shape the future of Communications. Communiqué, today, is a well known brand in the telecom fraternity and industry at large.

With a history of 16 telecom seminars, and after the grand success of two International Telecom Seminars - Communiqué11 and Communiqué12, we take immense pride in presenting toYou:

Telecom Omnipresence:
Opportunities for the Connected World
20th - 21st September, 2013
Symbiosis, Lavale Campus, Pune, India

New technology, new business offerings, new geographic expansion - the Communications Industry today is at a crucial juncture in its journey, and is being watched the world over with immense anticipation to see how it reinvents itself to better suit the changing business scenarios.

Telecom omnipresence is about the spread of telecom across the globe and the manner in which it has revolutionised the way the world connects.

The global presence of telecom and its impact on each of our lives is what Communiqué13 would highlight and will cover new opportunities for the connected world.

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