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About Communiqué

Communiqué: An "Idea" brought by communicating in a unique manner.

Communiqué is a never-before platform to discuss, explore and envisage current and burning issues facing the global ICT industry. It focuses on latest trends bringing together thought leaders and visionaries from across industry verticals for sharing and enhancing knowledge to shape the future of Communications.

Since its inception in 1996, SITM has been organizing its flagship event Communiqué annually which has been attended by the budding Student Telecom Business Managers and Representatives from National and International Supporting Organizations and regulatory bodies.

We have a history of 19 telecom seminars including the grand success of twelve national Telecom Seminars, two Asian telecom seminars and five International telecom seminars. Communiqué, today, is a well-known brand in the telecom fraternity and industry at large.


Communiqué 16

The rapid development of business and personal technology has revolutionized our world within a short span of time. One of the greatest benefits of this revolution has been providing the customers with alternate ways to transact and pay. Digital money has been around for quite some time and its use has been rising at an exponential rate. The recent steps taken by corporate world in key sectors, including online retailing and food and beverage, demonstrate an appetite to continue expanding the use of digital currencies. With 6 million new mobile users being added every month, virtual money is eventually going to supersede the paper currency.  The discussion will revolve around the various aspects and issues related to virtual currency like security risks, payment beneficiary identification, currency volatility and the challenges the payment bank providers will face in domains like infrastructure, management and finance.

The introduction of 5G is as much the result of relentless and extensive improvements in LTE as it is a technology revolution. 5G for the consumer will mean ultra high data speeds (upwards of 10GBPs), ultra low latency, and new devices and form factors. While the prospect of a next generation network opens up possibilities for quite dramatic changes, such as an entirely new air interface but with India still putting its steps into 3G and 4G, the 5G world is at least a few years away for it.  The panel will critically look into the opportunities and challenges related to technology, regulatory & other important issues.

The era of digital disruption has finally also hit HR, transforming the way HR work. Emerging digital economy as a result of rapidly changing technology is forcing to change business models. HR departments have to develop new ways of working with new skill sets and specialities. The pace at which organizations are encountering the change is quite fast and hence the panel discussion will involve the topics surrounding the digital forces challenging the Telco’s organisational structures and the shift on emphasis from being just technologically sound to having effective Talent Management in organisations.

Immense volume of data is generated as a result of our daily transactions on smart phones, credit cards, and computers. As smart city development gathers momentum more data will flow in from the infrastructure; from sensor-equipped buildings, trains, buses, planes, bridges, and factories. The data flows so fast that the total accumulation of the past two years—a zettabyte—dwarfs the prior record of human civilization. Big Data has a large potential in providing competitive edge to businesses of any size or type. Easy accessibility of data analytics tools on lighter platforms will have a considerable impact on every business in several important ways. Big Data can benefit organizations only if it is successfully managed. Data scientists and analysts can play a major role in monetizing big data. The discussion will focus on challenges the organizations are facing in utilizing the big data to the benefit of the business and emerging opportunities.

Event Testimonials

Very energetic bunch of students. Great show! Keep it up.

Mr. Kavan Mukhtyar

Sr. Partner,Frost & Sullivan

Event Testimonials

Very well organized as usual. Professionally managed with a human touch. All the very best.

Mr. Kallol Hazra

Independent Consultant & mentor for startups in mobility, cloud, IoT

Event Testimonials

Very nicely managed. Thrilled by students’ enthusiasm, sense of responsibilities and hospitalities.

Mr. Vikas Thanvi

AD- Sales (Bharti KAM),Huawei Telecommuniations (India) Co Pvt Ltd

Event Testimonials

Just an awesome event. Congratulations!

Mr. Douglas Peris

CEO & Co- Founder,AdzStream

Event Testimonials

Very well organized. Good content and great speakers.

Mr. LV Sastry

National Head- Mobile Banking & Mobile Commerce

Event Testimonials

Great event for professionals and students.

Mr. Anurag Walia

Vice President,Tata Communications

Event Testimonials

Smart campus! Smart people!

Mr. Amit Marwah

Head of Technology (CTO),Nokia Networks

Event Testimonials

Great event!

Mr. Arjun Rajgopalan

Director, Financial Advisory Services,Deloitte

Event Testimonials

Splendid job done by the team and students. Very interesting.

Mr. Vikas Sharma

Country Director,Neo Mobile

Event Testimonials

Amazed to see the enthusiasm of students and their hunger to learn do something good and big. I wish them all the best for their careers. Thank you for having me at SITM.

Mr. Bharat Wadhwa

CEO,Twine Digital

Communiqué 15

Planning and building Digital Portals, Smart Cities & Smart Nations, and transforming our world as an Intelligent Planet have been a major focus of novel technologies and innovative development across industries. Successful translation and deployment of smart technologies into commercial products and services, as well as their social acceptance require trans-disciplinary commitments, cross-cultural partnerships, and trans-continental support. Emphasis now lies on building innovative cities that use ICTs and other means to improve quality of life, efficiency of urban operation and services, and competitiveness, while ensuring that it meets the needs of present and future generations with respect to economic, social and environmental aspects.

As the amount of data collected continues to rise exponentially, operators are willing to extract as much value as possible. But, the potential of Big Data poses a different challenge: how to combine much larger amounts of information to increase revenues and profits across the entire telecom value chain, from network operations to product development to marketing, sales, and customer service – and more importantly to monetize the data itself. Big Mobile Carriers have access to unparalleled amounts of customer and network data, and yet they are only just beginning to unlock the value of this information. Historically, operators have assumed the roles of enablers for information flows, with surprisingly little visibility into the context and content of their captive data assets. Utilized intelligently and creatively, this data holds the key to an intimate understanding of customer needs and preferences, and in a broader sense, the successful evolution of the role of operators at the centre of the mobile communications eco-system.

In the new world of prepaid, stored-value debit cards come to life on mobile wallets, offering up a range of alternative banking services alongside telecom services. In this new ecosystem, telecoms play the role of banks and prepaid providers the new bank account. With technology turning the phone into a payments device, a new opportunity has opened for mobile carriers to allow people to charge all kinds of goods and services directly to their phone bills. Prepaid wireless providers have found the earliest success in offering mobile wallets that enable a mixture of payments, alternative financial services and money management for the underbanked. Great opportunities lie ahead for operators due to the ability of mobile devices to provide services anytime and anywhere, resulting in a high rate of penetration and potential to grow.

2014 has been the year of mobile advertising for brands and agencies looking to increase their current marketing strategy and mobile advertising spends have grown rapidly. Companies now are spending triple the amount on mobile advertising than ever before. New digital technologies and services are increasingly pervasive as mobile devices are adopted at a staggering pace around the world; and everything–from our cars and thermostats to our medical records and kitchen appliances–is connected to the Internet. Challenges of delivering a seamless digital experience with totally synced business & technology is at most. The panel will look at the opportunities and issues facing the mobile advertising ecosystem with insights on how to survive the drive and thrive.



Prévision, initiated in the year 2003, provides the industry a neutral and insightful point of view regarding the current and emerging trends in the telecom sector for the forthcoming year. It is the only effort of its kind in the telecom domain being attempted by a business school, which provides comprehensive coverage over various domains in the telecom sphere. Prévision – The Annual Telecom Forecast which is now into its 14th year of publication is an endeavor by the students of SITM, along with guidance from the faculty, alumni and industry experts encompasses the forecast of various parameters of telecom industry to identify, highlight and understand significant changes in telecom ecosystem. Having spent 2500 hours of work and statistical-factor analysis, inputs from the faculty, SITM alumni base and the industry experts, predictions are made about the market trends in the telecom sector for the forthcoming year.

This year, Prevision'17 would look to broaden the insights of the ever expanding telecom horizon, and would leave no stones unturned in taking forward its magical aura.

KNOW MORE: http://www.sitm.ac.in/home/prevision





Mr. Balakrishnan Shanmugham

Global Delivery Head, Communications Business Unit


Mr. Tarun Sharma

Head of Global Service, CSSC

Nokia Networks

Mr. Anurag Walia

Vice President

Tata Communications

Mr. Harshwardhan Lale

Associate Director, Risk Advisory Services

PwC India

Mr. Ravichandran Bhaskaran

Business Development – India & South Asia


Mr. Nirav Thakkar

Enterprise Telecom Sales Head

Bharti Airtel

Mr. Udaya Kumar Dintyala

Exec. Director – ITO

AT&T Global Business Services

Ms. Meera Srinivasan

Director – Insurance, Telco & Media


Mr. Vijay Venugopalan

Head of CRM and UC Practise AMEA

BT Global

Mr. Murtuza Kachwala


Protiviti Global

Mr. Vishal Jain


Ernst & Young

Mr. Kavan Mukhtyar

Sr. Partner

Frost & Sullivan

Mr. Kallol Hazra

Independent Consultant and mentor for start-ups in mobility cloud, IOT


Mr. Vikas Sharma

Country Director

Neo Mobile

Mr. Arun Khazanchi



Mr. Amit Marwah

Head of Technology(CTO)

Nokia Networks

Mr. Jaideep Potdar

Vice President

Capegemini India Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Anurag Walia

Vice President

Tata Communications

Mr. Ashwin Jaiswal

Head- IT Business Consulting

Reliance Communications

Mr. De Sambath

Senior Vice President- Global Practice Head

Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd.

Mr. Kannan Sethuraman

Vice President

Maveric Systems Limited

Mr. Arjun Rajgopalan

Director, Financial Advisory Services


Mr. Kaushik B

Associate Director


Mr. Satyam Bansal

Mobile App Distribution & Strategic Alliance


Mr. Deepak Mittal

Consulting Partner, Customer Experience, Telecom Customer Advisory Group

Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Mr. Vikas Thanvi

AD- Sales(Bharti KAM)

Huawei Telecommunication(India) Co Pvt Ltd

Mr. Rahul Tulpule

Managing Director

Covenant Tel Middle East & Africa

Mr. L V Sastry

National Head- Mobile Banking & Mobile Commerce


Mr. Shyamal Mittra

Vice President


Mr. Sekhar Rao

Founder CEO


Mr. Probir Roy



Mr. Suhas Sheth

Dy. General Manager

Reliance Jio

Mr. Aditya Kapoor



Mr. Prasanna Jha

CEO & Co-Founder


Mr. Bharat Wadhwa


Twine Digital

Mr. Indranil Dutta

Insights Director

IMRB International


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