• What is Communiqué?

    Communiqué is the flagship telecom seminar which SITM hosts every year where the eminent personalities of the industry gather and enlighten students with their knowledge. It provides a platform of interaction with the industry and the government. Each Year the avenue of latest revolutionary disruptions in the industry, their stand in the market are interpreted and a theme is formulated encompassing trends all along the year, that bring about an impact on Telecom sector.

  • Why sponsor Communiqué?

    Communiqué is an enormous platform for networking and exposure. It is the ground of collaboration of experts and the amateurs of the next generation in large numbers. Communiqué has been successfully standing up to the expectations of the industry over the past 20 years, all thanks to the help of our sponsors and partners.

  • What is the audience profile?

    Communiqué is creating a unique distinct platform bringing together comprehensive audience of different public and private sectors. A blend of connoisseurs of various fields such as consultancies, industry investors, service providers, policy makers and regulators gather to apprehend the innovations and disruptions of the Industry.

  • How to get registered for the event?

    To register for the event send us an e-mail to seminar@sitm.ac.in.

  • How do I receive my Certificate of participation for the event?

    A certificate to acknowledge the presence in Communiqué would be awarded to all the participants. The certificates would be given away, at the end of the event.